Good strategies enable an organization to achieve its objectives, strategy formulation helps organizations decide on what to do, and strategy implementation is the process of executing what you plan to do. Organizational structure many times influences an organization’s strategy.

P&G made the organization structure an important part their ability to grow. They combine the global scale benefits of $83 billion global company with the focus of winning local customers and retailers in each country where P&G products are sold. P&G has removed many of the traditional overlaps that exist in large corporations. Global Business Service utilizes P&G’s talent and expert partners to provide business support at lowest possible costs. Lean Corporate Functions ensure ongoing functional innovation and improvements.

The top of P&G’s structure consists of Market Development Organizations. Below that are the Global Business Units which consist of Beauty & Grooming and Household Care. Finally it consists of Global Business Services that are shared services and Corporate Functions that consist of Governance, Capability and Functional Innovation.